1. I am 79 years old and have been suffering from chronic Osteoarthritis of both knees since many years. I was advised to undergo knee replacement surgery but I was not keen to undergo surgery due to other reasons. I was fortunate to meet Mr.Lawrence who gave me insight about my present problem and also explained me in detail about the possibilities, limitations and outcome of alternate treatment (management) solutions during my consultation session. As advised I underwent 14 day comprehensive treatment program and really the treatment outcome was beyond my expectation and I am so happy since I am able to move freely with greater confidence. Mr.Lawrence apart from being a physiotherapist he possess excellent personality trait which is deemed essential for the treatment process .I wish him all success and would like to recommend him to my near and dear.

  2. I have been suffering from arthritis for the past two years. I was smothered by pain and gloom until I met Dr.Lawrence of Rafa clinic.The treatment proved magical .The therapeutical massage and advice given by him relieved me of the hellish pain in few days.He ushered in a new phase in my life and instilled hopes .He handled the grave disability quite tenaciously which otherwise would have crippled my day to day activities .thanx to dr for making my life bright and sunny..

  3. The treatment was so good and helped me recover from my illness faster. Mr. Lawrence has taken special care and was friendly. The medicines given Siddha consultant also helped a lot.

  4. Satisfied with the treatment and happy with the way doctors take care of their patients.

  5. A very caring and hospitable environment and treatment. I went for Ayurvedic consultation.

  6. Am working in gulf,came to India in wheelchair. Reason is because of severe backpain am unable to walk. Suffered a lot but after coming to chennai I got RAFA CLINIC number through Justdial and now am totally recovered. Now am back to Gulf driving and continuing my routine life. Thanks to Physiotherapist who brought back my life. Sincere thanks to Justdial too for referring RAFA clinic number.

  7. Good team. I met Siddha specialist and very happy with the treatment she offered.

  8. Great Novel Concept.Good ambiance for patient care. Many specialties are under same roof.

  9. Excellent

  10. Excellent

  11. Very Good

  12. Excellent

  13. Excellent

  14. Excellent

  15. Good

  16. Excellent

  17. Very Good

  18. Excellent

  19. Excellent

  20. Excellent

  21. Average

  22. Very Good

  23. Excellent

  24. Good

  25. Very Good

  26. Excellent

  27. Actually not knowing how to write the review about RAFA CLINIC, According to the Bible RAFA means GOD HEALS, and the name goes apt for this clinic.As mentioned in the website everything was genuine.

    I was referred to this clinic by my cousin a month ago for my diabetes, depression and weight reduction too. Here i should mention abt Mr. Lawrence Selvakumar, Sr.Physiotherapist and Mrs. Selvarani who took special care and very friendly. i feel that i have to write about the Samaritans, who helped me come out of my depression and from health hazards. I am thankful for these lovely couple, and Mr.Vishnuvarthan, Exercise therapist, Mr. Shiva , Yoga Therapist, Mrs. Sangeetha , Dietician & nutritionist. All Three professionals gave their personal attention and regularized my health. The way they took care of everything is something inexpressible in words. Great service from this clinic, personal attention is been given to each and every patient and last but not the least , in 24 days i lost 2 kgs , my sugar levels dropped down drastically, when i joined this clinic the Fasting was 185 and my PP was 318, Today Fasting is 112 and PP is 233(without medicine), only thing is just we have to cooperate with the therapists and they make you to achieve the goal. Am very happy & satisfied with the treatment in this clinic.

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